Get in touch

You can find me on Instagram and Bluesky, where I regularly check messages.

To send a secure message, reach me on Telegram. Or you can email.

Can you shoot my event?
If you're planning a protest or other cause-related action, get in touch with me above to let me know when, where and — if possible — broadly what it will be. I'll respond as soon as possible to let you know if I'm able to cover it. I'm based in the south-west, so actions in the Bristol area are easier to cover, but I can sometimes travel further afield.

I can share the images with you soon after the event for your social media or other needs. I just ask that you sign up here and follow the terms about giving credit.

In the case of direct action, any details you share will be kept in absolute confidence, regardless of legality.
Can I use your photos?
If you do social media, press or other comms work for a protest or activist group (e.g. XR, JSO) you can use my images for free. I have a large archive of historical photography from protests going back years. Just click here to request access. Generally if the usage is non-profit in nature, I'm happy to share my images.

If you're press/media or need any other commercial use, you can purchase images through Alamy Editorial. If the image you need isn't there, get in touch and I can license it to you for Alamy equivalent rates.
I'm in a photo, can you remove it?
If you or your child are in a photo and you'd prefer that it wasn't published, get in touch and I'll be happy to look at it. Taking photos of people in a public place is permitted by law but I fully understand that not everybody wants to be pictured.

If you'd like a copy of a photo you're in, I'm happy to provide that too!
Are you available for hire?
I can shoot your protest or action for free, but commissioning means that you get exclusivity on the photos and I can turn them around super-quick for your social media or press needs. Some examples of previous commissioned shoots are:

March of the Mummies, for parents' rights campaign Pregnant Then Screwed
Save Bristol Arts Funding, for creative union Equity UK
Unite to Survive, for Extinction Rebellion

See this page for more information on commissioning. I do not do paid work for illegal or unlawful protest actions.