Thanks for your interest in using my images.

If you already have permission to use my work:
Open the relevant gallery from my collections.
Click on the image(s) you want to download, one at a time.
Click the 'Download' button (cloud with an arrow).
Enter the secret PIN when prompted: 9070. Please don't share this PIN.

When posting/publishing images, you must give credit unless otherwise agreed.
If supplying images to another party (e.g. press), they must also be instructed to give credit.
Credit should be full name (Jamie Bellinger). On social media, my handle may be used.
Example credit on Twitter or Instagram: Photos by @jmblgr
Example credit in press, website or other: Photos by Jamie Bellinger

Images are subject to copyright. Permission for their specific use does not negate this.
Copyright infringements of my work are taken seriously.
Reach me by email, Twitter or Instagram to request permission.

Many thanks.
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