Use my work

Here’s how to make use of my images. 

News, Press, Publishers

Media outlets can license my images via Alamy Editorial here. If the image(s) you require are not listed on Alamy, please get in touch and I can provide them directly to you. 

Protest / Activist Groups and Non Profits

Non-profit groups such as activist organisations (e.g. Extinction Rebellion) and charities (e.g. Greenpeace, Amnesty) may access my archive of protest images for use free of charge, subject to these terms: 
  • All uses must be credited, in the form “photo(s) by Jamie Bellinger” or similar. 
  • Images may not be further shared outside your organisation (i.e. if licensed for Extinction Rebellion use, you may share them with other regional XR groups but not other organisations). If sharing with the press/media, please ask first. 
  • Images must not be edited or manipulated in any way. 
  • Images must be used only for non-profit editorial use. 
To gain access to the library of images, email

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