I'm Jamie Bellinger, a creative photojournalist with a particular focus on protest, activism and social justice issues. 
Based in Bath, UK, my work is focused mainly on events in the South West and in London. In recent years I've covered the unfolding Black Lives Matter movement in Bristol, travelled to St Ives for the G7 Summit and to Glasgow for COP26. In 2022, I've focused on the continued campaign against protest curtailments in the UK as well as rallies for Ukraine in multiple cities.
Through photography, I try to show the individual human stories behind protest events, as well as countering the negative narratives that too often appear in the media around groups like Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion. I often work alongside activists, using photography as a tool to amplify important causes, while always striving to maintain a nonpartisan perspective. 
My images have appeared in BBC News, The Mirror, The Telegraph, The Big Issue, LaRepublica, City AM, Positive News, The Canary, Bristol24/7, It's Nice That and TEDx.
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