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Jamie Bellinger, Photographer

There's a remarkable atmosphere at a protest — a wild cocktail of grief and joy, sobriety and passion, loss and hope. What excites me about photographing these events is trying to capture something of that unique energy in a single moment.

For around ten years I've been photographing protests and activist actions. My work has focused primarily on climate activism, documenting the often controversial work of Extinction Rebellion and, lately, the more radical splinter groups. But I also cover events to do with social justice issues including racial justice, LGBTQ+ and gender issues, civil liberties and current politics.

Through photography, I aim to amplify causes that I care about and to some extent counter the pervasive negative (and often inaccurate) narratives around 'protesters' in the media. I work alongside protest groups but take care to remain independent, telling the stories behind the placards while always allowing those stories to speak authentically for themselves.

I'm also passionate about civil liberties so a lot of my photography focuses on the ever-changing relationship between protest and policing in the UK.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

Do explore my collections: on climate, social issues, Ukraine and other non-protest events.

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Photo: COP26, Glasgow, November 2021 – from BBC News

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