"Prime documenter of our times"

— Stuart Macbeth

I'm Jamie, an independent photojournalist from Bath in the south-west of England.

For a little over a decade, I've been photographing protest, activism and grassroots politics on the streets of Britain. I began in around 2013 with the 'Cops Off Campus' student riots.

With the emergence of Extinction Rebellion in 2019, I began documenting British climate activism, which became the main focus of my work. I was in London for the first major XR occupation in October 2019 and have returned most years since. In 2021 I documented mass climate demonstrations at the G7 Summit in Cornwall and later that same year the COP26 Conference in Glasgow.

I've also extensively photographed the Black Lives Matter movement, political and civil rights protests such as 'Kill the Bill' in 2021, and more recently peace rallies for Ukraine and Palestine.

I would describe my work as bold, emotive and often intimate, with an emphasis on storytelling more than visual 'aesthetic'; substance over style, though a little style never hurts.

I work entirely independently and on a not-for-profit basis. I shoot with Canon and Sony kit.

↑ Winning Photo, British Photography Awards Documentary Category 2023

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